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Assessment & Taxation
14885 SE LAURIE AVE, MILWAUKIE OR. 97267Street View
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Sq Ft2104
Year Built1959
Last Sale03/25/2014     $293,650.00
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Map Number (TLNO)21E11AB05800
Parcel Number00270058
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Est. Market Building Value135,220.00
Est. Market Land Value103,474.00
Est. Market Total Value238,694.00
Est. Current Year Assessed Value176,860.00
Tax Code012-057
Est. Acres.24
Jurisdiction Jurisdiction Informationreturn to map | new search
CityClackamas County
Urban Growth BoundaryMETRO UGB
Schools Schooling Informationreturn to map | new search
Elementary School AttendanceOak Grove Elementary
Middle School AttendanceAlder Creek Middle
Senior High School AttendanceRex Putnam High
Voting Voting Informationreturn to map | new search
State House District41
State Senate District21
Voting Precinct502
Congressional District5
Services Service Informationreturn to map | new search
Cable CompanyComcast of Oregon II, Inc.
Community Planning OrganizationOak Grove Community Council
Fire DistrictClackamas RFPD #1
Garbage HaulerWaste Management of Oregon
Park DistrictNorth Clackamas Park Dist #2
School DistrictNorth Clackamas
Water DistrictOAK LODGE
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Clackamas County's Surveyor Information System

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